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Shao Chen is a renowned professional artist, the member of Chinese Artists Association, the member of Beijing Calligraphers Association, the member of Beijing Poetry Society and the member of the Art Commission of Chinese Calligraphy Art Research Institute. He got a postgraduate diploma from Beijing Fine Art Academy, where he studied under Mr Lou Shibai.


He has devoted himself to the painting of Beijing Hutong for 25 years. He was born and grew up in Beijing Hutong where he has deep feelings of. The grey quadrangle courtyards are filled with tranquillity and passions. The lively, vivid and alternative decorations with sharp contrast make him feel a strong music element, either the rhythm of gentle beauty or the ups and downs of movements. Old houses have recorded the vicissitudes of history and provided infinite materials for painters.


In 2008, The Organizing Committee of Beijing Olympic Games and State Post Bureau of China jointly released the international postcard series of “Shao Chen – Hutong of Old Beijing”. Shao Chen’s “Hutong of Old Beijing” works series have been also closely followed and favoured by Chinese and foreign collectors and art galleries, and have won him awards on many occasions. His “Snow Landscape in Beijing” (京城雪晴) is collected by Japanese Murakami Gallery. His “Autumn Song” (秋天的歌) won the Gold Award at the Grand Competition of Chinese Paintings. His works was exhibited at the “Fine Works Exhibition of Beijing Modern Painters” and was selected by the “International Exhibition of Korean Modern Fine Arts” and won the Award of Excellence.


Shao Chen’s paintings have not only reflected his mind, his emotion and his feelings of the nature but also his reflection and acceptance of the deep consciousness of life. He used to write poem on his paintings, one of them roughly translating as “autumn wind begins to blow again in the alley; who lived here before; may we ask whether the God knows the answer, times may tell it”.

His paintings capture the soul of Beijing through vivid portrayal of its street life.

The China Daily


Through the eye differ in thousands of ways, becomes aware through the feeling, utilization art language performance life miniature, enlargement life pleasure. This is what Mr. Shaochen does and enjoys with.

Li Jiacun, Famous Chinese Performing Artist


Many of his paintings bear a poetic inscription to further guide the viewer in understanding the meaning of the painted image.There is painting in his poetry, and poetry in his painting.

The Chinese Painting and Calligraphy News


His painting has the unique style and the rich national characteristic has glorious history, but it has the originality regarding the color cognition and the use.

Shen Peng, Famous Calligrapher

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